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This is a picture I found on the FEMA site, taken on September 14, 2001   (3 days after  9/11)
There are several large cranes in this picture.  One appears to be in the process of putting up a flag, high on the building to the right, and/or hanging curtains to protect the building.

Those are huge cranes.  How long does it take to organize their location for a job?  In an emergency (to pull beams off of people) I can see getting one of them to the site.  But, the cranes in this picture are set up for the long haul.  Hanging flags and netting aren't an "emergency." 

They can't reasonably claim all of these cranes are for rescue.  If you used one of those cranes to lift a beam off of someone, chances are even greater that there will be a pile of stuff shift and then crush them.  (They sure don't seem interested in doing any rescues, anyway.)

On 911, things were too chaotic to be thinking about cranes.  After all, the "bad guys" might be back for a second round.  No airplanes were allowed to fly for two days, because of this.  So, late on 9/13/01 was the first time when folks were starting to move around, cautiously. 

It appears that the "cleanup" of the site was well under way, on 9/14/01, which looks too weird. 
How did they know how many cranes to order? 
How did they plan transportation to move them to the site? 
How long did it take to plan the cleanup?  (e.g. What crane starts where, and what is it's job?)
We know the job didn't go out on bid!  (Why not?)

From the looks of this one picture, and knowing the time-line of events (e.g. all air traffic grounded, no ground traffic in/out of NYC), it appears that they planned and organized the cleanup work well before 9/11. 

If this were a total surprise (refer to Condi's statement), who'd have thought to organize all those cranes and dump-trucks and debris containers...  as if working a construction job site that was planned well in advance? 

These pictures were taken sometime after Katrina.
The director of FEMA claims to not know there were any people 
in the New Orleans Convention Center until
5 days after Katrina

Imagine if cranes had been brought in to New Orleans...



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