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Vortex Gravity Control

Paul Richard Price,

This paper was originally entitled 'Gravity as a Mass Unit and Using Modulated Frequency Energy and Vortex Compression to Control Gravity', presented by Paul Price at the STAIF 2004 conference.

This paper and presentation will deal with gravity as a mass energy entity and the controlling mechanism of vortex fields coupled with frequency modulation in various forms to extract energy and control the energy field that's produced. This concept has its origins in Einstein's Theory of relativity. This paper and presentation will show the relationship between gravity and mass. There are characteristics that show that sub atomic mass and electromagnetism work together to create the effect that we call gravity. I will show how there should be a mass function of gravity and how the mass can be perturbed creating the effects we know as inertia, centrifugal and centripetal force and how the control of gravity will nullify or maintain the effects. This paper will also show the relationship between gravity mass and black holes, dark matter as well as Zero Point Energy. This paper will attempt to show how gravity can be controlled by the use of magnetic vortex compression fields otherwise known as torsion or tordial fields creating a bow shock wave of gravitational energy that can be repelled off of, creating lift and motion. The energy needed to create this effect will be drawn from vacuum energy known as Zero Point Energy. This will be explained and how this can be used to create a propulsion system that will use the gravity mass as its reactionary energy to sustain the effect. This effect will show how the forces are unified and the controlling systems there in and how they can be controlled using artificial means also how frequency modulation can be used to amplify and transmit the energy that is extracted.

This paper will show that gravity which is now defined, as a force actually is electromagnetic in nature and can be controlled by outside electromagnetic forces. The paper will also show the relationship between gravity as a mass and the other forces such as inertia, centrifugal and centripetal forces. The latter three will be explained as reactions to physical stimulus on the balancing act between the mass forces of gravity and the steady mass of an object. Every known object in the universe interacts with and the greater the mass, the greater the gravitational mass blanket. Simply put gravity mass is proportionate to the mass of the object that's in the gravity field. The paper also deals with the fact that the gravity blanket mass can create on its own densely compressed magnetic fields and how this and vortex compression can in turn create anomalies, such as black holes. This dense electromagnetic mass can be attributed to dark energy, as well as the by-product of this known as zero point energy, all being the product of the electromagnetic alignment of the subatomic particles in the universe. Electromagnetic forces that they create enough of a mass unit in the dense magnetic field producing the effect known as gravity so densely pack these.

All objects in the solar system have a certain amount of gravity that's surrounds them. Gravity is defined as a force that causes two objects of either the same or different mass to be attracted to the other (Nave, 2002). It is described as an attraction in nature and dependent upon to differing masses to cause this attraction. But what is gravity and how does it work? Einstein tried to explain it and even how in the comparison of this and other forces there could have been unity. But he had an idea on the workings of gravity as he put in his work on relativity. A definition is needed to understand and control gravity. Newton said of gravity that it was a force, which implies that the force is by definition a form of physical work, is a definition for gravity.

Gravity being considered as some form of a magnetic field it could mean that it could be controlled by external means. If this is correct then by using electromagnetic forces, the gravity field can be excited and changed so that energy can be produced as a by product of the reaction and a new form of counter gravitational propulsion can be created.

Gravity as a Mass Unit

Gravity is considered a force caused by the attraction of two bodies in motion. This was clearly defined by Newtonian Law (Nave, 2003). As Newton first observed, gravity has an attraction component as it relates to the mass of an object and that of the object that it's interacting with. Newton also states in his laws the way the bodies will interact with each other, for example the law that states that any object that is in motion will tend to stay in motion. Newton was a classically trained in old physics and it was at that time that the establishment had believed in ether, which is the mysterious "matter" that permeates the universe. This was in partial the reasoning behind the Newtonian Laws. It wasn't until the late eighteen hundreds that a field experiment was used to discredit ether but there may have been some truth to the theory after all. It would mean a whole new way of looking at ether, not on the molecular scale but at the subatomic scale and how electromagnetic forces are used to align the subatomic structures to create a mass wave that creates gravity, Thus creating ether like effect but without the molecular mass. It would be analogous to a blanket that covers the universe into infinity, permeating the very atoms that hold the very elements and us together. It is a binding latticework of energy that works to keep atomic particles together.

Gravity can be defined as an electromagnetic effect that is caused by the interactions of magnetic fields on a mass in motion, such as sub atomic particles. This can be shown by the interactions of the particles and they're magnetic pole alignments. This is in the sub atomic scale, but it can be seen as well in the known observations of the physical universe. Consider dark energy and black holes. Dark energy as it has been theorized in Einstein's Theory of Relativity is that energy matter that filters through out the known universe but isn't detected in the visible spectrum. It is a nearly unlimited mass and it covers most if not the entire known universe. It has been thought to be the cause of gravitational distortions that have been observed by the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory as well as other satellite data collected.

Black Holes & Vortex Fields
The next is black holes, which are the largest vacuum cleaners in the known galaxy. Black holes are a swirling vortex of gravity that takes even light into it, not releasing even light but expels x-ray and gamma radiation (Nemiroff, 2002). It has been shown by observations done by the Hubble Space Telescope. By taking pictures of the center of known galaxies Hubble has proven that black holes do exist. What is the counterbalancing agent that keeps the galaxy from collapsing in on itself by the pull of the black holes enormous gravity vortex? The counterbalancing agent is called the gravity's mass unit, or simplify put is the unit of potential energy that the mass energy interaction creates to cause the effect known to us as gravity. As a black hole continues to draw energy from the constant flow of matter into its vortex, the matter creates energy that then drives the vortex to pull more matter in. it does this in a perpetual manner. It is as if there must be some unknown form of matter that keeps the vortex supplied with the potential energy mass needed to sustain the reaction. This will be a separate issue delta with in another section.

Gravity & Mass
Gravity mass is proportional to the object that is in its field. Take for example the earth. The earth has a rather weak gravitational field in comparison to that of Jupiter or even our own sun. The sun and Jupiter are massive bodies in our solar system that tend to bend the fabric of space- time at a greater rate than that of the earth with in the curvature of space-time. This was shown in the Theory of Relativity and proven by the observation of the gravitational lens effect that allows us to see stars from behind the sun due to its gravity well. But gravity if it's considered a mass electromagnetic field, then the interaction can contribute to the warping of space-time on its own. The field intensity strength of gravity then can be measured by the binary product energy produced by the gravity field as it interacts with the bodies it surrounds. Then as a body becomes denser, the gravity field is also denser and the same can be said of weaker gravity fields in the inverse.

Gravity & Physical Interactions
Gravitational field tries to achieve equilibrium. Since gravity interacts with it mass as it rotates both are in unity until an outside physical force acts upon it upsetting the order that it is in. once that stimulus creates a counter balance to return the body to it normal equalized state. Take for example Newton's Law that deals with motion of an object. It states that an object in motion will tend to stay in motion until an outside force acts on it. Think of riding a car. As a car speeds up and makes a sudden turn, inertia acts upon it. As the driver finishes, the turn equilibrium is restored and the force in this case inertia is neutralized. The same can be said of centrifugal and centripetal forces. They are all responses to an outside force affecting the gravity field causing disturbances in the field and its attempt to bring back order to the field.

Vortices & Gravity Control
As was first theorized by Dr. Ning Li in the work on gravitational field lattices, gravity can be manipulated by using a complex magnetic vortex field (Cooke, 2002). As is already known a vortex is a swirling mass, which for this discussion will be a swirling magnetic field mass. This mass then constitutes a physical response that will interact with the gravity field that causes a release of energy in the form of a wave in the lower frequency range.

Dr. Evgeny Podkletkov also observed this in his experiments with spinning superconductors at above 65,000 rpm. This will have the effect of warping the field energy creating a shock wave in its wake. What happens is the spinning super conductive magnets create a vortex compression field; there is negative pressure build up that then force energy to be released. This sudden energy release can be observed by seeing a distortion that can be seen as field is generating its field as the gravitational field, as in the field surrounding a black hole at its event horizon. If a person where standing next to the event horizon, if they could without getting killed a vaporized in the process, they would see a distortion of the fabric of space time itself folding in on itself. The gravity well in a black hole is so immense the even the electromagnetic wave forces would feed in on itself as its gravity wave in a perpetual cycle. The more mass the more energy created by the vortex. The more energy the more power the vortex has to continue the whole all over again. It then starts the cycle all over again (Cooke, 2002).

Vortices are seen in nature all the time. Examples of these are tornados, and hurricanes. Use of vortex fields to compress the redistribute magnet field energy has been proven in theoretical work and in practical application. Dr. Ning Li's work has born fruit in this and has shown that a marginal weight loss attributed to spinning super conductive magnets. It does seem that the higher the rpm of the superconductor the higher the produced vortex field and the amplification of the gravity mass wave produced. Thus creating a marginal energy wave that can flux the gravity field, in which to warp the gravity field and creating a medium on which to apply negative pressure on the gravity field to a given object producing linear motion and levitation as an effect to the reaction.

The energy wave creates a low-pressure zone that repels and pushes the object against the force of gravity. This allows gravity to repel as well as attract by creating a push against. This allows for a gravity to have a propelling effect creating positive momentum from the pressure zone that's created.

Vortices as an Interstellar Gas Station
Think of this you are traveling through the galaxy and you need to fill up but you have no place to go. Well why not pull up to a vortex field and draw the needed energy from that field using your gravitational field equipment. All you would need is to pull up and collect enough for the desired energy to extract so that the effect can be produced and you can get back home. Since vortices happen randomly in the universe except in the case of a black hole, you would have more than one opportunity to fill your tank up to use fraise. However if your that for out you might as well forget it because as your waiting the galaxy is spinning in proportion to you and you may not have the ability to return home. But it's a good idea to draw the energy from the field vortex if at all possible. You would have an unlimited amount of compressed energy to draw from.

Dark Energy & Gravity
Dark energy is a product of gravity mass, or gravity energy being densities as a subatomic wave energy field. Dark energy was first postulated in Einstein's equations. It said that the universe had no empty space and that it was filled with a type of matter. Electromagnetic particles and the alignment can readily explain this effect. What's being seen is energy in a Plasma State and gravity making the mass denser reflecting the area around it. In ether theory it states that there is a mass that permeates through the universe. What they had wrong was that it is densely packed subatomic particles that create a blanket that is more densely packed. It would be their gravitational attraction that is magnified by the close proximity of the gravitationally dense plasma mass that does permeate. This is what dark matter consists of.

Gravity, Mass, and ZPE
Gravity as an electromagnetic field can release energy. Some of that energy can be tapped and extracted. This energy fields that is the triggering mechanism for gravitational effect is ZPE. Zero Point energy is energy transference at absolute zero. As was shown in Casmir effect experiment, it had been shown vibration energy could fluctuate in a vacuum. It was this that had shown that the ZPE field was a reality. ZPF random fluctuations I feel may show how magnetic energy influences gravity. It shows those random fluctuations are the result of external forces acting on the magnetic field thus creating the ZPF (Puthoff, Little, and Ibison, 2002).

Gravity & the Hutchison Effect
The Hutchinson effect if it to be believed may show how matter interacts with gravity and how the molecular structure may be altered by the change in harmonics of the electromagnetic gravitational field. As John Hutchinson adjusted his Tesla coil tuners, the gravitational field was altered. This is done I believe by tuning into the frequency harmonics that gravity is on and amplifying and transmitting the frequency energy. This allowed objects to loose mass and levitate. Shifting the field harmonics of the gravitational field and then amplifying the signal did that. This also had side effect. Some of the metal used in his experiments had been lost their integrity, showing how gravity harmonics and molecular structures of materials are so closely intertwined that if one is affected the other will be (Cooke, 2003).

Harmonic Resonance/Molecular Cohesion
As was written earlier in the paper about the Hutchinson effect, mass can be effect by changing the frequency energy harmonics. As was shown gravity has an energy matrix and with all energy that matrix has frequency oscillations that create a carrier wave effect. This is also true about subatomic particles and their weak and strong nuclear bonding. The structures have energy bonds holding them in there order. It is this electromagnetic field bonding that creates the effect known as gravitational attraction. If a person could find a way to transmit the frequency energy being produced by then transmit the gravitational energy, we would have an unlimited supply of energy potential to draw form. However, if resonance effect is not controlled the result would be a catastrophic breakdown of sub atomic and molecular cohesion starting a cascade chain reaction effect. But if the effect can be controlled the potential for massive energy production would be unlimited.

Gravity Control Techniques
Gravity control can be done in two ways. One is tuning into the frequency that the gravity field carrier wave is on and neutralizing it completely or controlling it by adjusting the energy being transmitted. Drawing energy from the electromagnetic environment and then amplifying the energy being produced can do this. With this method the field can be localized and the effect controlled. The other avenue for control is a vortex compression field. With this electromagnetic field, energy can be extracted and used to amplify the particles creating a negative pressure that creates a bow shock wave fore the craft to ride in. This will create linear motion in all four axes.

The higher the rpm that's administered by the rotating super conductive magnets the more compressed the field is and the more energy is produced by the process. This creates negative pressure in the magnetic field and allows for repulsion to occur. Each of these can and do work however to optimize the effect you would need to use by combining them together so that the energy that's extracted can be used and transferred to the receiver to be amplified and then transmitted tuning out gravity.

Gravity Matrix Warping
Gravity warping would be essential for traveling by way of electromagnetic effect. To do this a person would need to essentially pull the gravitational energy from the energy matrix as is the case in M theory, and with that warp the gravity field, this done by the use of magnetic fields amplifying then transmitting a carrier signal that would induce an agitation to the gravity field. This in turn would create a wave of gravitational energy that the field on the craft would be able to repel off of. Remember this energy along with gravitational mass when they inter act the gravitational field and are warped. Warping the magnetic field and if a spin occurs then you would have a magnet gravity vortex that you can control locally the energy being produced by the matrix (Baker, 2002; de Aquino, 2002).

In conclusion, to control gravity a definition that explains how gravity works is needed so that work can be done to assure a safe world and economic stability for us as a nation It will be this in the future that will give cheap and clean energy and open many new avenues for power production and space flight. To do this one will need to focus energy using a vortex field and then channeling the energy from it. This will indeed be used to help us better understand and control the gravity energies being released.

I would like at this time to acknowledge the people who gave me the inspiration to do this paper. Dr. Hal Puthoff, Physicist and director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Dr. Frances Xavier Kane Col. USAF Retired, who is the inventor of the GPS system, and Dr. Billy Rose of San Antonio College and Stan Deyo all whom gave me pointers on how to write this paper and special thanks goes to Dr Frances (Duke) Kane for believing in me.

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