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The Case for Controlled Demolition - Seismographic Evidence

December 29, 2007
[original blog post by worldtradecenter, posted here, 12/29/07]

[The original (and "peer reviewed") BBE article is available here.]
(This article has been "peer-reviewed" for those who need to know. An unedited version is available here.)

Seismic Information

How long did the ground rumble?

Vibration of the ground following the plane impact of WTC1.


Vibration of the ground at the time of the WTC1 "collapse."

So, if it takes at least 9.22 seconds for the roof to hit the ground,  how could the ground quit rumbling after 8 seconds?


==>>  Consider the picture below.
I don't think this part of the building made a thud when it hit the ground.
Perhaps here, the only use of gravity was to get the dust out of the air.


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