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One Dozen Ways to Spot a Spook At Your Next 9/11 "Movement" Gathering

by Cathy Garger

(Cathy Garger: www.mytown.ca/garger)
(sent by email: Sun, 25 May 2008 19:30:11 -0700 (PDT))

One Dozen Ways to Spot a Spook At Your Next 9/11 "Movement" Gathering
by Cathy Garger, 25 May 2008
Here are some tips I have found very helpful when trying to determine whether or not I am speaking to a person who wants the truth to come out - or not, say, for example, at a conference, for example, or at a 9/11 "movement" meeting.

1) Put Options
This individual loves to speak all about "put options" and who pulled what stock out prior to 9/11. You may even be told that this is the very best way to educate others about 9/11 Truth.

2) Hijackers
This individual speaks endlessly about the hijackers and whether or not they could fly planes and about Jeb and where the non-pilots went to flight school. This individual is apparently fascinated by hijackers and tries to monopolize the conversation this way.

3) The Movement
This individual is hyper-concerned about "the movement." If you ask, What about the uh...Truth??? They will tell you the average person can not handle the truth, so do not mention it, do not bring it up. They will look at you sternly and tell you that you must not jeopardize the "movement" by giving people too much information that they will not understand.

4) The Jersey Girls and Press for Truth
You may be asked to sit and listen to the courage of the Jersey Girls who had the guts to tell the 9/11 Commission maybe they were covering something up.

5) Missile "shudders"
If you happen to ask about missiles? This individual will look a bit nervous, will lose eye contact for a moment, and may tell you that yes, that is fascinating conversation just between you and me... but you will be advised not to even go there with a novice. Then this individual will quickly steer the subject back to Put Options or the Jersey Girls or William noticing bombs in the stairwells.

6) Personal Heroes
This individual's personal hero will be only one of a few people and you will be told in great detail about one or all of the following: This list consists of: Kyle Hence, the Jersey Girls, William Rodriguez, Dr. Stephen Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Dr. Greg Jenkins, Norm Chomsky - and woops. There are no others.

7) Method of destruction
Controlled Demolition by thermite/thermate. No other theories are allowed to be discussed. You will hear a great deal about thermate's glow and how the military uses it in their controlled demolitions. Open and shut case. The jury is out. Further discussion is neither entertained nor welcomed. It matters not that this individual has not even studied other theories. This individual has made up his mind without the necessity of examining other information. 

8) Airborne Laser, such as is currently used in the US Military
Do not mention this to this individual. If you do, all you will hear are comments about loony-tunes, outer space, martians, aliens, and space beams. Predictably, they often may even actually hum the theme to theTwilight Zone and try other attempts to marginalize researchers or anyone else who would even consider this theory for one moment. 

This individual does not want to hear about US weaponry military applications that have been around since the Strategic Defense Initiative and directed energy weaponry was set up back in 1984. You will be yelled at that you are ruining "the movement" for even investigating this theory. You will then ask, "You mean the movement for TRUTH? Or... are there two different meanings for the word TRUTH?"

This individual will distract away from this topic every time or try to make you think you are insane for even bringing the subject up at all. That is how you will know you are onto something. Watch the individual's body language carefully when you present this topic for discussion with any 9/11 truth organizer who looks uncomfortable with any topic you present.

If the individual is more skilled, as in super polished? This individual may concede that this may be an interesting theory indeed and is certainly one hypothesis. You may be told that unfortunately, since there is no concrete evidence, you must always stick with thermate with new truth seekers because, again, even if another theory is possible, people can not "handle" the truth and you are hurting the movement by mentioning risky subjects too complicated for them to understand.

9) Fake Dollars
You will be given deception dollars of websites which will cover all the points the "movement" wants you to learn about.

10) An Open Mind
You will be excited to discuss various theories because you have a functioning brain capable of dissecting various hypotheses and looking at the various aspects, curiosities, and probabilities of each. This open mindedness will be discouraged. You will be asked to walk narrowly along only certain topics that are considered "safe" for the "movement."

Important Note: The "movement" is always more important than actual fact-finding and truthful sharing of all available knowledge. The "truth" will not vary from city to city and will vary very little from website to website. Miraculously, there is only one version of the "truth," no matter where you go in the world wherever these groups are organized! And quite conveniently, they have already packaged it up quite nicely for you so that all you need to do is re-gurgitate it like a simple, programmed, lobotomized fool.

11) Headquarters
When you hear the word "headquarters" know that that is exactly what it is. You will be told which 9/11 films your cookie-cutter-organized group may show and you will note that the websites clear across the country carry the same or very similar themes. GroupThink is prevalent and not all topics are permitted, nor are all 9/11 presenters welcome. Only certain pre-approved theories are welcome.

12) WTC7 and Larry
This individual will talk endlessly about Larry Silverstein and "pulling" WTC7. He will tell you that since that one building was "pulled," the towers necessarily were, too.

In short? There is no 9/11 movement that resembles "truth." It is a scam and I've been through this for years and can now spot the employees immediately. They do not want to talk about anything but their own theory (or rather, "the movement's" theory) and they will talk all over you with very little give and take, no genuine back and forth conversation allowed, so that you may not discuss any theories of your own.

It is my hope that now you will be able to spot them, too.

I've been asking myself for the last four years, what are they hiding? So I look at everything they do not care to discuss.

PS - Next time you're with an individual who demonstrates the qualities above, ask them who has filed any legal suits yet? Tell them no, you are not referring to Ellen Mariani. Then watch their silence.

See http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=6519

Cathy Garger
Associate Member Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

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