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Chapter 17
911 and Crop Circle Connection Nancy Talbot (BLT) on Crop Circles
Video 1. URL (10:31)
Crop Circle and 9/11 Evidence -Iron Microspheres, Levitation Is there a connection? Soil Effects in a Canadian Circle BLT Research have a study on the soil in a crop formation which was found in Sept 1999 EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA. The fact that the field was infested with Canadian thistle, which made it almost impossible to walk in the field without high protective boots, tended to further rule out the possibility that this formation had been mechanically produced. The full study is available online.  Clay minerals (illite/smectites) extracted from surface soils taken at the same sampling locations as the plants, were submitted to X-ray diffraction analysis.
Video 2. URL (3:46)
Nancy Talbot on Crop Circles - what do they tell us about our reality?
WTC - Man Lifted up in Warm Air Charlie Rose Interviews New York Sept 11 Photographers in 2001.mpg
Video 3. URL (0:24)
Name not known - but he was possibly interviewed in the offices of the New York Post. I think he was levitated - as at least 1 other person has reported. If you're not sure why this is signifcant, please see this series.
"There was this blast of warm air - it wasn't hot, it was warm... and it picked me up and threw me against the wall of the building...
[You were picked up off the ground?]
"Physically, physically - picked up off the ground."
Video 4. URL (8:49)
The Charlie Rose Show
In 2001, Charlie Rose interviewed some New York Photographers about what they experienced on 9/11. This is an edited version of that interview. Pay particular attention to David Handschuh's account of not seeing the 2nd plane and being lifted up and moved a block in "air with substance".

00:41, RD: ..but I didnt even know it there were 2 planes until I started talking with a policeman..
01:50, RD: .. you thought you were watching a movie.. [others agree]
02:33, RD: .. all of a sudden the top [of the building] just poofed out
03:32, DH: .. and as I hit the corner of Liberty Street, I was almost being picked up by a tornado .. it was like being picked up.. the black cloud had substance.. it was like night - but it had a solid feel to it - like gravel.. hot gravel and [it] just picked me up and tossed me about a block. Just.. one second I was running and the next second I was airborne..
05:37, DH: It never dawned on me that 1 or both of those buildings was going to come down.
05:43, DH: Thats actually the plane slamming into the south tower [image shown on screen does not seem to contain a large plane, or parts thereof].
06:51, DH: I was less than 100 yards away from the building standing on West Street. We heard this noise - remember - I presumed Cessna, never thought large aircraft. After the first one, we didnt know - we didnt know attack, we didnt know terrorism - we just thought horrible accident. People go up and down the Hudson Corridor all the time - learning to fly, or commercial aircraft - and then heard this noise which seemed to come from everywhere - but we didnt.. we had no idea what it was. And then the South Tower just exploded - it just.. it just blew up and somebody said that was a plane.. I was underneath it. I was looking at the tower. I had my camera in my hand. I heard the noise and never saw the airplane and didnt realise that I had that picture till a neighbour brought the daily news over the next day.
billy idol - sweet 16
I'll do anything
For my sweet sixteen,
And I'll do anything
For little runaway child

Gave my heart an engagement ring.
She took ev'rything.
Ev'rything I gave her,
Oh sweet sixteen.

Built a moon
For a rocking chair.
I never guessed it would
Rock her far from here

Someone's built a candy castle
For my sweet sixteen.
Someone's built a candy brain
And filled it in.
Well, memories will burn you.
Memories grow older as people can
They just get colder
Like sweet sixteen

Oh, I see it's clear
Baby, that you are
All through here
Someone's built a candy castle
For my sweet sixteen,
Someone's built a candy house
To house her in.
Yeah, sad and lonely and blue.
Yeah, gettin' over you.
How, how do you think it feels
Yeah to get up in the morning, get over you.
Up in the morning, get over you.
Wipe away the tears, get over you, 
get over, get over...
Gave my heart an engagement ring
She left everything
Everything I gave her
Sweet sixteen
Do anything
For my sweet sixteen
I'll do anything
For little runaway girl

Little runaway girl
Oh sweet sixteen
Video 5. URL (4:20)
Sweet Sixteen is Billy Idol's song about Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Caslte, filmed on location at Coral Castle. The starting image is Ed Leedskalnin in front of his Coral Castle.
Coral Castle was built out of brain coral. It is thought that Ed Leedskalnin described what he had done in a coded language. Billy Idol reflects Ed Leedskalnin's concepts well.
HUTCHISON effect: Solid Iron Bar begins to liquify. Metal Mutation. WTC 7 Burning (fuming door handle at start)
Video 6. URL (2:11)

Watch the fuming block from about 0:24 - 0:31.
HUTCHISON effect: Solid Iron Bar begins to liquify. Metal Mutation. jThe solid-iron block is about 2 x 2 x 7 inches.

backup: URL
Video 7. URL (2:51)
Watch the fuming car-door handle from about 0:00 - 0:07.
John Hutchison - Red Bull Can Experiment John Hutchison's Model Boat Experiment
Video 8. URL (1:15)
The can appears to bend at the "waist," as if taking a bow, while no mechanical force is applied to the can.
Video 9. URL (1:58) "The Hutchison Effect"
When the signal is turned on, drops of water levitate and fall back down. As soon as the signal is turned off, the water is immediately calm. The appearance of "fire" usually occurs just after the signal has been turned off. Note the segment from 1:20-1:40. The toasted cars appeared to light up just after the towers were destroyed -- and while it was still dark from the dust blocking out all sunlight.
The video can be downloaded here: mpg (4.7 MB) Source: HutchisonPE.swf
WTC Steel Artifacts on History Channel Cold Fusion - Bockris and Fleischmann
Video 10. URL (1:17)
Video 11. URL (8:52), Transmutation
This is from an edited set of clips from "Fire from Water" which gives a good example of how the whole Cold Fusion affair was managed. It is the same as the clip Andrew Johnson included in his "Infinite Energy" presentation.
Cold Fusion, transmutation - it 's real, folks. Or maybe you know better than these scientists? A clip from Dr Eugene Mallove's film "Fire from Water"
Heavy Watergate Steven Jones Scanndal Did Dr. Steven Jones help cover up Cold Fusion & now 9/11?
Video 12. URL (0:35), Segment from the video, Heavy Watergate
Steven Jones is described as an opportunist who was tipped off by "DoE informants" to help cover up the reality of free energy.
Video 13. URL (9:25)
More Than Junk Science
Video 14. URL (12:24), aired April 2009.
"When first presented in 1989 cold fusion was quickly dismissed as junk science. But, as Scott Pelley reports, there's renewed buzz among scientists that cold fusion could lead to monumental breakthroughs in energy production."
Read more at CBS: 


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