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Chapter 5
Ground Zero ironworkers on 9/11 anomalies Pulling Building 6
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Protecting the Bathtub.

Chapter 6
WTC 7 Explosion

"Bombs go boom, but not everything that goes boom is a bomb."

Chapter 7
9/11 WTC Explosive Demolition is NOT Supported by the Evidence
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Thermite on a frozen lake COASTRAIL INC. THERMITE WELDING 3
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We ignited about a pound of thermite on a frozen lake, releasing enough energy to melt through three inches of solid ice. This movie features additional camera angles courtesy of Marc and Melissa.
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The WTC did not light up like this.
Nano-thermite took down the WTC?
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Conventional explosives and thermite and nanothermite and many, many, many tons of speculation.

(0:10-0:27) Neils Harrit states,"Well in there we find remains of what we characterize as thermitic [thermite-like] material...which can be used for either melting iron an explosive."
[Thermite can be used to melt small amounts of steel over a long periods of time (see videos above). But as evident by the background image of this page, the towers did not melt; they were turned to dust. So, it appears it was not thermite that was found, but some of the ingredients of thermite, like iron and aluminum, which were some of the main ingredients of the buildings. The building turned into nano dust, so it is expected that nano-sized particles of aluminum and iron would be found in the dust, in abundance.]
(0:34-1:00) Neils Harritt states, "Acually, within the group, the authors behind this paper which we published in April, there are diverting opinions about what this nanothermite was used for. And in my opinion, we should not speculate...for the demolition. There's no doubt that the three towers were demolished on 9/11.
[So why is there no doubt? What is it based on? Why not present us with the evidence used to make this conclusion?]
(1:00-1:26) Beyond that there is solid evidence for some [type of] thermite to have been used...We do not know if the thermite we found is the same thermite....It's very-very possible a different variety was used."
[Then what is the solid evidence and why aren't you talking about it?]
(1:26-1:32) "And I personally am certain that conventional explosives were used, too, in abundance."
[But he does not state how he knows this with certainty.]
(1:32-1:40)  Asked, "How much?" Neils Harrit answers, "Tons, a hundred tons, many, many, many tons."
(1:46-1:50) "But we have not found remains of [traces] of conventional explosives." 
[So how can Neils Harrit know there were many, many, many tons of explosives used?]
9/11 The Thermite Conspiracy The Thermite Free RFC
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For more information, see

On March 16, 2007 NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Judy Wood. This RFC sets out the evidence that some type of Directed Energy Weapons system was used to destroy most or all of the WTC Complex. Dr. Wood subsequently filed a federal qui tam case in April 2007, to hold the contractors for the NIST report accountable for science fraud.

On April 12 2007, NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Dr Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage. This video shows how you can search their documents for the word "Thermite" and "Molten" and you will find their original RFC does not mention Thermite or Molten Metal.

Their RFC appeal *does* mention Thermite, but NOT in the context of their research" and only as an arbitrary example of a hypothetical analogy.

There seems to be a global effort to convince people that thermite* played a significant role in the destruction of the WTC. If this was true, then why is this not stated, with evidence, in the RFC submitted they submitted to NIST? The answer seems to be that the thermite is an "alternative conspiracy theory" which has no real evidence to support it, only significant evidence that contradicts it. The proponents probably did not put their research in the RFC because this in itself would have been fraud.
*(thermite, thermate, superthermite, spray-on thermite, spray-on-thermate, thermite analog, nano-enhanced thermite, nano-thermite, spray-on nano-thermite, nano-thermitic it has morphed over time)

We are looking at documents which are over 4 years old, which shows how successful the operation to promote thermite has been.

You can access the documents on this page from these links:


Copies of "Jones et al" Documents:

Dr. Judy Wood's Documents:

Dr. Judy Wood's Federal Qui Tam Case:
Thermite-Free Blog
Blinded by the Light ~ Manfred Mann's Earth Band with lyrics
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The WTC did not light up like this.
Video 13. URL (7:09) (Rock Song) Listen: (0:00-0:15)
A Rock song from the 1970s, as a reminder of what we would have seen if thermite was used or if bombs were used.


"Bombs go boom, but not everything that goes boom is a bomb."
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