The Cover Up

By Andrew Johnson – July 2018
Dr Judy Wood started posting some of her 9/11 research online in 2004, on a “free” website. In 2006, I began to follow this research and in 2007, I set up some webspace for Dr Wood to use. She then used this as an “online filing cabinet” as she continued her research. This lead to her Qui Tam Case and then, after that had reached its logical conclusion, she continued to develop the manuscript for Where Did the Towers Go?

A study of the evidence that has been uncovered by Dr Judy Wood not only reveals the truth about how the WTC was destroyed, it forces us to reconsider at least 3 issues of global importance. The so-called issue of “terrorists and terrorism,” the production and use of energy and the truth about global warming and climate change. That is to say, it has now been proved that the events on 9/11 involved the use of an advanced energy weapon technology, which we do know something about. This technology has the ability to produce vast energy changes without generating heat – and appears to be related to Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Also, it appears that Hurricane Erin was manipulated in certain ways, so that its movements were coincident with certain events. This essentially proves that all current “accepted wisdom” about global terrorism, energy scarcity and so-called global warming and climate change is false and therefore must be reviewed by anyone who still has the ability to dispassionately analyse available evidence. I don’t think this can be stated often enough or urgently enough.

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So profound and world-changing is the evidence on this website, that many methods and techniques have been employed to keep people from seeing, realising and comprehending the truths it implies. The efforts to cover up the evidence found on this website, and the efforts to attack and discredit Dr Judy Wood, are wide-ranging and longstanding. The cover up extends to all mainstream media outlets, most popular “alternative” media outlets (Infowars, RT and so on) and it also extends to sites like Wikipedia (where Dr Judy Wood’s name is actively and almost completely censored). YouTube comments and many forums are heavily “trolled” with every renewed posting of some of the evidence presented on this website.

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What is the reason for this? Perhaps this is a good guess:

[Dr Judy Wood] being victorious – in her message to the public – results in the entire overthrow of our ruling elite – I wonder if she knows that – and the consequent forces aligned against her.

It is nonetheless difficult to comprehend the number of people that seem to be involved in this cover up. There seem to be a disturbing number of people who are willing to lie about and misrepresent the truth of what Dr Wood has said and shown. People such as Alex Jones, Richard Gage and his AE911 group – and a raft of other authors, presenters and reporters such as James Corbett.

Over the last few years, I have tried to compile the evidence that shows certain people are working on behalf of those forces – wittingly and unwittingly – to keep people from being certain about what happened. You can read all about this in two free books called 9/11 Finding the Truth and 9/11 Holding the Truth. Overall, these forces – the ones encouraging doubt and uncertainty – have been largely successful.

With so much uncertainty in the “conspiracy” or “alternative knowledge” culture, is it any wonder that some people scoff arrogantly? When one reviews all of the information available, how much of it is “open to debate”? Stop and consider how the language used within the culture is peppered with phrases relating to uncertainty. For example, common terms are “conspiracy theory”, “hypothesis”, “truth seeking” (implying that the truth has not been found), “the truth is out there” (not “in here”). Radio talk shows often have titles such as “out there”, “the unknown” or “planet X.” It can be observed that a culture of discouraging certainty is actively used and promoted by those wishing to keep important secrets, which allow them to “stay in the driving seat” of affairs on planet earth at this time.

We can establish truth and certainty when we have available evidence – and the more evidence we have available, the more certain we can be about our conclusions. Unfortunately, in “conspiracy culture”, it sometimes seems “unfashionable” to establish anything with certainty – it almost seems like establishing truth and certainty is discouraged – due to the level of conjecture and the amount of information which is interpreted in so many different ways. People seem to look to “leaders” with the result that they don’t think for themselves enough.

So, please look at the small collection of images here and continue to watch the videos – then you will come to know – for yourself – how much you have been lied to and what possibilities now exist for our future.